Hanga Roa surfers

Hanga Roa surfers
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Surfers at Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Pacific Ocean

In the background you can see a red building that houses The Chilean Navy, and behind that - Hotel Hanga Roa.

The hotel was for a long time occupied by a Rapa Nui clan, which claims ownership of the land.
On Rap Nui only the locals (the Rapa Nuis) can own land, and the clan says the land on which the hotel was built had been illegally taken from their ancestors generations ago. The hotel area has since August 2010 been occupied but a few days before I visited the Island, the Chilean police evicted the group despite the fact that they have not received permission from the court (according to saverapanui.org).
In early December 2010 when other native families claimed ownership of government properties on ancestral land, the Chilean police used excessive force to stop them. Between 20 and 25 people were injured when the police started using pellet guns against the protesters, and the story became international news.

Rapa Nui
February 2011

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