My Travels

2005-08-01 18:53:42

Welcome to my travel page - with my newest and some not so new photographs. Most of my photos are of places, people and things in Central America. As I get more photos unpacked, I'll be adding photos from the United States and Europe. I've made several cross country(US) trips and lived in 7 different states as well as Iceland (with a side trip to Norway.) Enjoy!

Coffee BlossomsCoffee BlossomsThe Wooden GateThe Wooden Gate Coffee blossoms, taken behind my house in Siguatepeque, Honduras. Also located in the same vacant area are orange trees, wild cherry trees, and banana trees. On the right, an old wooden gate,located about a block and a half from the house. Siguatepeque is a wonderful spot for shooting old gates, doors, walls, and unique "portraits."

Siguatepeque, Honduras:

Lago de YojoaLago de YojoaCathedral, ComayaguaCathedral, Comayagua
Favorite Local Places: Lago Yojoa (left), Cuevas de Taulabe, Parque Calentrique, colonial churches of Comayagua (right), the pottery "factories" at El Porvenir.

Good Eats - in and out of town: Adobe's on CA-5 in Siguatepeque, Honduras; Del Corral Steak Ranch in Siguatepeque, Honduras; Villa Verde on CA-5, Siguatepeque, Honduras; Eagle Ray's in West End Village,Roátan, Honduras; Rudy's in West End Village, Roátan, Honduras; El Fogoncito, San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Restaurante La Isla, East shoreline of Lago de Yojoa; Bongo's, Siguatepeque on CA-5.

Fun Things in Town: National Pine Festival - last two weeks in April, food festival, parade, sports events, beauty pageant, music, marathon race, street dance, and carnival. Independence month: September - a month long celebration including parades, music and cultural events.

In-country Adventures: Scuba diving and snorkeling in the Bay Islands of Utila, Roátan, and Guanaja; Spanish colonial fortresses in Omoa and Trujillo; Spanish colonial churches and cathedrals throughout the country; Mayan ruins especially at Copan; whitewater rafting, rainforest and cloud forest tours; cave tours; soaking in the thermal springs; horseback riding.

Mason County, Washington State:

Lower Tumwater FallsLower Tumwater FallsHoodsport, WAHoodsport, WA Favorite Local Places or Events: Tumwater Falls Park, Tumwater (left); Percival Landing, Oylmpia; Mary Theler Wetlands, Belfair; Bremerton waterfront; Lake Cushman, Mason County; Staircase, Olympic National Park, Mason County; Oysterfest in Shelton; Hood Canal (right)

Good Eats - in and out of town: Xinh's, Shelton; El Serape, Shelton; The Spar, Olympia; Ivar's in Seattle; Elliott´s Oyster House, Seattle; The Oyster House, Olympia.

In-state Adventures: Mt. Rainier National Park for hiking, camping, mountain climbing, biking; scuba diving Puget Sound.