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All photos posted on this site is connected to a geograpical area. The location of a photo is indicated in one of the 256 outline maps with a red dot. Some of the outline maps are clickable, and it is possible to navigate from the world map to the continent map (e.g. Europe) and further to the country-level maps. A click on the map on or near red dots will lead to the photos that are connected to that area.

Photos with geolocation data such as latitude and longitude are connected to onsite Goole Maps, and will show up as clickable placemarks.

Directory browsing
Navigate to pictures using clickable maps

Signing Up

Photos and travelogues posted on this site are accessable to every visitor, but for uploading your own you have to create an account.

Signing up is free, and require you to provide a valid email address. Before signing in the first time, you have to confirm the registration by following the link, which you will receive by email. Accounts that are not confirmed within 72 hours will automatically be deleted. If you have trouble finding the Welcome Message from Globitude in your mailbox, please check the trash folder in your email system. Some email clients are too eager labeling messages as spam. Depending on your email software (or webmail) you should be able to whitelist messages from

Uploading photos

In order to upload a photo, click on one of the buttons placed on My page and the map pages (both outline and satellite map pages) or the the picture info pages.

You are guided through the upload process by a wizard with these four steps:

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Step 1 - Place pin on an outline map
Place a red dot on the outline map: Select region and country from the list boxes or click your way to the desired map.
When you have chosen a map, click on the map to place a red dot where the photo was taken.
Step 2 - Upload photo
Select which picture to upload, tick applicable checkboxes, and give your photo both a title and description.
Step 3 - Geomapping
If your photo does not have location data already, you can use the Google Map for geotagging.
Step 4 - Tagging
The final step is for adding tags and categories to your photo

Creating Albums

With a Globitude Album you can organize photos in groups for improved viewing. The viewing order within an album can easily be adjusted, and you can choose which photo to be the album cover photo. You can of course add the same photo to several albums.

Album title samples:

  • Africa 2004
  • Photos from Europe
  • Visiting Africa again 2009
  • My favorite photos
  • Pictures of animals



Do you keep a diary when travelling? Why not share your stories here at Globitude? With the Travelogue composer you are able to write and store your text as you travel. Miniatures of your uploaded photos can easily be included to make the travelogue more interesting and easy to read.

If you need several days to complete the travelogue, you can store your text without publishing it, and then continue another time.

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When you sign up for an account, you will get your own Globitude homepage. From this page all your photos, albums and travelogues will be reachable. Using a similar composer as when writing travelogues, you can add both text and photos to the page. If you activate the guestbook feature, a link to it will turn up on your member profile.