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Globitude is the decendant of Mappic, which although small was the pioneer of map-centric picture posting, launced in May 2002. Vegard got the idea behind the site while being on a holiday in Western Australia in 2001. The goal was not only to put own pictures on the web, but to make a site where everybody could post their photos and connect them to maps. Soon after returning from Australia the idea was turned into a spare-time project, which after a few months (Springtime 2002) launced the first version of Mappic.

What made Mappic so unique was the outline maps that was used both for submitting photos and for navigating posted photos. With about 240 maps covering all areas with its own Country code top-level domain, Mappic was launched in May 2002. As the screenshot below shows, yellow was the theme color, and even today the same color is visible in the Globitude logo and the navigation tabs.

New services such as Travelogues and eCards were added within the following two years. Then - in May 2004 - the second version was released. This time with a more neutral color palette and with a WebCam feature. The next big thing that was introduced was support for geotagging. In its third version Google Maps was added to the site. This was even a few weeks before a Spanish company (now part of Google Inc) launced its popular site.

At that time a lot of similar sites popped up, and Mappic was not that unique any more. With a new picture uploader the geotagging part has been improved, resulting in a higher percentage geotagged photos on the site. At the same time work was started on the fourth version, relased June 15 2009 with the new name Globitude.

Mappic - version 1
Mappic - version 2
Mappic - version 3