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Explore the world through photographs
Browse the site by country. Find information about a specific country as well as photos and travelogues
Use the clickable outline map. Zoom in and click on the red dots to view the photos
Use Google Maps to discover photos with geolocation data
See photos and read travelogues by the member profiles
Send eCards to friends and family. If you are having trouble uploading your own photos while travelling, you may use the Globitude eCard system and choose from the growing collection of photos for your message

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Map-centric photo posting
Share your photos with the rest of the world. Upload your pictures and connect them to one of the 256 ouline maps. The location will be indicated with a red dot
Add geodata to your photo by using Google Maps. If your photo is geotagged before upload, that location will be kept.
Create photo albums
Organize your photos in photo albums, for easier viewing.
Write travelogues
Tell others about your travelling by writing travelogues. Include some of your photos to make the story even more interesting
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Create a member profile page with your own content