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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do this site provide?

Globitude is a free service where you can share your photographs and travel experience. The main part of the site is the picture posting, which allows you to upload your photos and connect each to both outline maps and Google Maps. Another feature is the travelogues. Using the Globitude Travelogue composer you can share your travel stories, and insert photos from your collection. For more information about features, please read the Features page and the Introduction page.

Do you provide Link Exchange?


If you want to promote your site, please check out Google AdWords or ask for the price of banner ad placements.

Who can register?

Any individual that want to share their photos and travelogues. Membership is free.

Who cannot register?

People that represent businesses should not register. Membership is for individuals only.

If you want to promote your business here, please ask for the price of banner ad placements.

How do I upload my pictures?

In order to upload pictures you have to be signed in. The upload pages contain instructions for each step in the process.

More information can also be found on the Introduction page.

What kind of pictures may I post?

First of all: In this context "picture" means photography.

Your picture will be connected to a map position, so it has to be related to a geographical place. If you choose to post a photo of flowers, animals, local people etc you should apply a description which explains the geographical connection. But please be diverse, and do not let one type of subject dominate your postings.

Photos where you and/or your travel companions make a large part of the picture are slightly off-topic. Also, they hardly ever have an obvious geographical connection. When you post this kind of photos, please tick the chekbox called "Tag as private picture". This will make it easier for visitors to distinguish pictures of places and pictures of tourists visiting places.

Obviously off-topic pictures will be removed. If you post a picture which do not comply
with the posting policy, it will be removed by a moderator.

The file format of your picture has to be JPEG. When uploading your photo will be down scaled to meet the default image size of 1000 x 1000 pixels.

Please post only your own material. See the Terms of Service for more information on copyrights.

What is a travelogue?

Extract from Wikipedia:

A travel journal, also called road journal or travelogue, is a record made by a voyager. Generally in diary form, a travel journal contains descriptions of the traveler's experiences, is normally written during the course of the journey, and may or may not be intended for publishing. Read more...

Why can't I log in? I'm sure I'm using the correct password!

Make sure your browser accept cookies from globitude.com

If you are using Internet Explorer please make sure that the Privacy settings are Medium High or lower. Also please check out more up-to-date browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Why is ****** listed with a map and a flag? It is not an independent country.

When this site was built, the IANA's list of TLDs (Top Level Domains) were used as a basis. This list include several areas not recognized as indepentent states, some of them does not even have people living there on an ongoing basis.

I am using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), and...

The answer is simple. Stop using IE6!

There are many reasons to upgrade your browser, but here are the most pertinent:

  • Security improvements and fixes.
  • Better rendering support for websites.
  • Enhanced privacy options.