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About Globitude


Globitude is a geolocation-oriented photo sharing website. The site offers you to upload your favorite pictures, connect them to maps, add them to albums and send them as eCards.

Globitude is the decendant of Mappic, which although small was a pioneer of map-centric picture posting, launced in May 2002. Since then both Google Maps and Google Earth have been launched. Photos geotagged and posted on Globitude are of course accessable on both onsite Google Maps and as placemarks in Google Earth.

On Globitude you will find photos taken by both amateur photographers and professionals. By browsing the site and sharing your own travel pictures (or pictures from your hometown) you can learn about different parts of the world. This site's goal is to be an inspiration for travelling, and a meeting place for travel photographers. Currently there are 1162 registered users from 135 different countries.

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